picto engrenage traductrice indépendante

I am specialized in the technical, financial and legal fields (user manuals, data sheets, contracts,…). Furthermore, I’m focused on understanding the whole meaning in an accurate way so that the translation matches the source text, paying attention to details, the writer’s purpose and the target audience.

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picto éthique traductrice

The translating world is full of skilled professionals and less trustworthy persons. I only carry out translations from English and Spanish into French, my mother tongue. I commit myself to handle and follow up your translation projects safeguarding their confidential nature and complying with the agreed deadlines. I am willing to build a direct relationship based on trust.

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picto traduction monde

Your company needs or is willing to operate throughout the world, a world that is more and more connected and where exchanges play a key role. To this end, you need to be able to communicate in several languages. As a professional translator, I work by your side in order to identify, explain, transcribe and convey the nuances and fine details from English and Spanish.

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French is my mother tongue
Translation from English into French
French is my mother tongue
Translation from Spanish into French
Technical translation Legal translation Financial translation
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